How to make Website With WordPress Without Knowing a line of Code-part 1

How to Install WordPress In your Computer using LocalHost For making Website Using WordPress

WordPress Is the one the essential tool for creating website using CMS technique you don’t have know any programming or hyper text languages for creating website you just have to know how to use WordPress tool which is so easy you can create a website free and using few steps.

35% of website are created with WordPress, It is one the best CMS tool or technique covering web development market.

Here is the some of the guidelines for Installing WordPress On LocalHost :-

There are a lot of way for creating website using WordPress

1.Creating Website using Localhost server through WordPress

-First You have to make your computer Server Using WAMP,XAMMP for Windows  or LAMMP for MAC

You can easily found WAMMP,XAMMP or LAMM of Internet jus t Download an Install and run your WAAMP,XAMMP or LAMMP. I’ll recommend WAMMP for Windows and LAMMP for Mac.

-After the installation you have to run your WAMMP,XAMMP or LAMMP and finally your computer will converted into localhost server from client server.

-Now you have to download WordPress ZIP file from the official site of WordPress(

-After the download completed UNZIP the file and copy the all files to root directory of WAMMP,XAMMP or LAMMP server by creating a new project. You will found your root directory in C:\wamp\www

Paste files into c:\wamp\www\project

-Now Run your Localhost and open Your Browser type “LOCALHOST “ on your browser tab bar

-Go to the Your Projects and click on your project name in my case my project name is “project”

-Now you can see new window then click on “continue”

-After clicked on “Continue” you can see it is asking for some information of  database so lets click on “LET’S Go”

-After clicked on “Lets Go” You can see it asking for database information so lets create database

-To create database open new tab on browser an type “localhost/phpmyadmin/” on tab bar to open database dashboard shown as below.

-To create new database type database name an click on create as shown blew in my case my database name is “wordpress”

-After you created your database close phpmyadmin and go back to your database connection step an fill the database information you have created on phpmyadmin

And fill your database name,  and the user name for phpmyadmin is “root” and for password leave it blank as  shown in figure.

-After filed database information click on “submit” and if your database information is correct then you will go to new window show in below.

-click on “Run the Installation”

– Now you can see new window as below. Have to fill your site information as shown in figure like site title,email,usename, password which are necessary for your site as you can see in figure.

-After the filled all information click on  “install WordPress” as shown in figure

-click on “log In” then put you Username And Password in my case Username:Admin and Password:admin and again click on log in.

Using This way you can install and run WordPress On localhost for Making Website Using WordPress.

If You have any questions let me know in comment .

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